sabato 5 marzo 2011

What we have is love, don't you see it?

ting 012

This is my 3rd look posted on I still don't know how it works, 'cause when I'm searching it and I'm not login up, I can't see it. And I suppose I need more friends to pumpin'it or hype it.
Long skirt and cardigna are from Zara.



Green Bronze nail polish from Mavala


3 commenti:

Tiziana ha detto...

There are beutiful photos in your blog!I follow... ciao, i'm italian!

Madame Psychosis aka khachacha ha detto...

Ting, adoro quella gonna. È bellissima *_*

Ting ha detto...

@ KHACHY - bella bella bella?! Viva Zara!!